Mini Cart

Process Involvement

Casting With Best Quality Material through Hot Chamber Die-Casting Machine.
Hot Chamber Die-Casting
We do Trimming Items through Hydraulic Press Machine.
Lancer is most important part of production, we use standard Automatic machines for it.
Vibration Polishing
We us Vibration Polishing Machine for polishing on small or tiny items.
We do Polishing & Buffing on items through skilled polisher with the item’s shape safe measures.
Polishing & Buffing
Ultra Sonic
We clean item’s unexpected material & dust particles through Ultra Sonic process having water base and chemical base cleaning process.
We have Electro Plating process for best quality finish with adequate validation.
Electro Plating
Electrophoretic lacquer is the best process to safe our item with our required adequate finish.
Assembling is required as per item, we do with skilled worker and Spin Riveting Machine.
Final Inspection
We do inspect item at every stage of processes that will help us to remove rejection rate and finding critical points in the process.
Packaging will conducts as per customer’s requirement as skin, blister, box, etc.
Skin Packaging
We follow standardized process to maintain our warehouse for storing finished items.